Perfect (1/1)

She stands there, letting the breeze wash over her as she stares out at the ocean in front of her. It has been only 5 months that Michael got out of Sona, 5 months they could be together, Linc, Lj, michael and her.

The first night Michael came back to them, they felt whole again, as if Michael was the missing piece of the puzzle. That night he made hot, sweet love to her, holding her in his arms, as if he thought she would disappear.

She snaps back to reality when she feels his arms wind around her waist, pulling her firmly against his chest.

'Hey' he whispers in her ear, tickling her with his soft breath. twisting around, she faces him, still securely wrapped in his arms.

'Hi' she whispers back. He stares deeply into her eyes, making her shiver with delight. Slowly he lowers his mouth to hers, kissing her hard, and passionately, his tongue brushing against hers, making her moan against his lips. Pulling away he leans his forehead against hers. 'Sara,' he breaths out, 'Can i ask you something?'

After she nods, he continues, 'Are you happy here with me?'

Startled, she blinks, 'Of course i am,' she answers, 'I love you, and that's all that matters,' She adds. Why was he asking her this, did he not want her here, did he not love her? Nervous and confused she backs out his arms, 'Why?' she asks afraid for the answer.

Smiling mischievously, he pulls something out of his pocket, holding it in his fist. Opening his hand up, he reveals a little box and she gasps. Oh my god, she thinks.

'Will you do something for me then, will you marry me?' he asks.

Grinning with tears in her eyesm she nods, 'Yes, yes i will marry you Michael!' she says.

His grin matching her own, he slips the ring onto her finger, pulling her in for a soft but passionate kiss, before wrapping her up once again in his arms for a body crushing hug. 'I love you,' he whispers into her ear.

'I love you, too,' she answers back

Pulling apart, he gestures to the ring, 'It's not much but-'

Smiling through her tears, she shakes her head at him.

'It's perfect.'

Engaged Chapter 11 Running into Trouble

It was morning, the sun was rising, and the wind was cool. It’s beautiful here, Sara thought. They had gotten over the border the night before with no problems. It seems like everyone forgot about the most wanted man in the country, she mused, looking over at Michael. He looked almost as serene as she felt. The wind was blowing the slight curls that were growing in on his head. Her fingers were tingling with the urge to rake them through the dark hair. They were driving through town after town. Run down towns, busy towns, even colorful towns. It was different. It was wonderful.

She glanced at the side mirror. At first she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary; there were lots of cars on the main road. The sun glinted off of a black Sedan. With tinted windows. Hesitating in telling Michael right away, she watched it carefully for the next ten minutes. It was following them, she was sure of it. Every which way they went, it stayed not too far behind them. Her heart sped up, was it Landon? The Company?

Turning to Michael she opened her mouth, ready to tell him her discovery. He was gripping the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles white against his olive skin. Looking up at his face she saw his mouth set in a tight line, glancing every so often in the review mirror. He knew. ‘Michael we need to lose them,’ she said, trying to keep the quiver of fear out of her voice.

‘I know, I know,’ he whispered softly, ‘hang on!’

As soon as the car in front of them turned at the corner, he slammed on the gas, flying forward with a jerk. With people dodging out of the way, they weaved around cars, trying to put some distance between them and the suspicious black car. Almost immediately the car sped up after them. ‘Shit!’ she exclaimed as she crashed into the dashboard when Michael took a sharp turn. We’re gonna get caught, we’re gonna get caught, we’re gonna-

She shoved her hands out in front of her, gripping the dashboard to keep from hitting her face into it as Michael slammed on the brakes. ‘Sara get out of the car,’ he said hurriedly. Sara scrambled quickly out of her seat, jumping out of the car. Grabbing a hold of her hand, he tugged her forward. ‘Run Sara!’ he cried. Without hesitation she bolted into a sprint, running as fast as her legs could take her, following Michael blindly through the dusty streets. Without hesitation she bolted into a sprint, running as fast as legs could take her following Michael blindly through the dusty streets.

She could hear the shouts of their pursuers and the nervous and excited babble of the Mexicans. As they rounded a corner they crashed into a young girl. Glancing around desperately for somewhere to hide Michael tugged her to the side. ‘Perdón,’ Sara whispered over her shoulder to the stunned girl. They crouched behind some broken crates and boxes, holding their breath praying that they wouldn’t be discovered, that the girl wouldn’t give them up. Five seconds later they heard the pounding of feet against the brittle road. At that exact moment Michael’s cell phone vibrated loudly inside his pocket, echoing off the walls in the alleyway. Slapping his hand over his hip, he hoped his hand would smother the sound.

Sara’s heart was beating frantically against her chest, if they didn’t hear the cell phone, she was sure they’d hear that, as she shot Michael a panicked look. She tried concentrating on slowing her heart down. Sweat was popping up on her forehead and she fought the urge to wipe it away, not wanting to bring attention to herself. She needed to get out of there; everything felt like it was closing in on them. The air felt too thick, too hot, she couldn’t breath. She knew she was panicking, that there was nothing wrong with the air, and she had plenty of space around her, she was always bad at keeping calm. She looked alright on the outside but on the inside she was a mess, ready to shatter at any moment.

‘Did you see two Americans run by? A male and female?’ Sara heard one of the men ask the young girl. Sara held her breath…


She cringed, here it came, they’ll be on them any second now…

‘¡Si, si, Fueron a la Derecha!’

Sara exhaled, her breath coming out in a whoosh. She’s never been so thankful in her life. She heard the men run off to the pointed direction, and she closed her eyes in relief, they were safe for now. Michael stood up cautiously and caught sight of the girl still standing ahead of them, as he gently pulled Sara up from her crouched position. Crossing over to her holding tightly to Sara’s hand, more then ready to start moving again. ‘Gracias, muchos gracias,’ Michael thanked her.

‘I speak English, and you’re welcome.’ She paused before adding, ’My name is Esme.’

‘Thank you Esme, you literally just saved our lives,’ said Sara

‘Nodding her understanding, ‘I’ve got to wonder though, what are you doing here, Mr. Scofield?’ At Michael’s expression she quickly assured him that she wasn’t going to turn them in. ‘I’ve been following your story online,’ Esme told them, a smile lighting up her pretty face.

‘What do you mean,’ Michael asked exchanging a glance with Sara.

‘I guess you haven’t had much time to go online, well there are a lot of sites on the internet,’ she explained. ‘Where people go on and talk and speculate about whether we think your brother is innocent or not and how you broke out of prison, where you could be right now with your brother.’

Shocked and slightly amused, Michael looked over at Sara. She shook her head, she didn’t know about this either.

‘Come on, you guys shouldn’t stay out in the open, I don’t live far from here and you look like you can use some food.’

‘Well..’ Looking at each other, they silently debated whether they could trust this girl. On the other hand they were pretty hungry. ‘Thank you. We can’t stay long but…Lead the way.’


It had gotten dark outside, the sun almost out of view when Michael finished explaining to Esme how he whisked Sara off her feet, running off to be together. Esme thought it was so romantic; Michael and Sara smiled at each other lovingly. Staring into the eyes of his lover Michael said, ‘She’s the one for me.’ Sara smiled sweetly, their eyes locked together. They had told Esme a little of what they had been through, minus some major details of course. They still didn’t want to put their complete trust in her; she could have been someone undercover for the Company.

‘We should get going, it’s safer to travel by night,’ Michael said, snapping back to reality.

‘What? Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be safer to stay the night?’ Esme asked.

‘No, it’s safer if we keep moving. We need to meet up with my brother,’ Michael said, ‘it was really great of you to help us from before, and for the food. Thank you for that.’

‘Please, how can we repay you?’ Sara asked.

‘Oh no, that’s okay, I did this because I wanted to, I couldn’t let you guys get caught,’ Esme said.

‘Thank you,’ they said again as they started for the door. They were just reaching for the doorknob when Esme cried out. ‘Oh hey, wait! I’ve just had an idea! Wait here,’ she said in excitement. She ran off to the kitchen. They could hear her moving about and talking out loud, ‘Where is it, I know it’s here somewhere!’ Michael and Sara exchanged a confused look.

‘Aha! I knew it was here!’ With that she came bouncing back, holding something in her hand. ‘Here take this, you need it more then I do,’ she said dropping something small in his hand.

Engaged Chapter 10 Sunsets and Deserts

They were driving down a dusty road, putting distance between Las Vegas and them. Putting distance between her and landon. They had left quickly as they could, not wanting to delay their 'trip' any longer. She had quickly packed some chlothes, her most personal pocessions that she never travels without, and left with Michael. It was getting hotter by the second, the sun beating down on them. She gathered up her thick red locks and tied it in a high ponytail.

She looked over at Michael, studying his face. He was hunched over the wheel, staring intently infront of them. She smiled softly, even when they were on their way to the panama, to their future, he still looked stressed and way too concentrated. She assumed it was due to worrying about Lincoln and LJ. Linc had called the night before, afraid they had been found. She wasn't surprised when Michael had quickly come up with a fool proof plan at the top if his head. They hadn't called back, so she assumed they were okay. No news was good news, right?

Turning back to Michael, she slipped her hand into his, her smile widening as she saw him instantly relax. He turned to her and smiled sweetly, before turning back to the road. She turned back to look out the window, the sun blinding her. It was going to be a long ride.


They had stopped for a break, getting something to eat and drink. Sara was absently looking through some magazines. Michael was zooming through the aisles of the mini mart attached to the gas station, throwing anything useful they might need.

Putting the magazine back on the rack, she glanced up, looking through the glass window. The desert looked even more breathtaking with the sun setting behind the mountains. It made her yearn for a camera. But she wasn't on vacation. She was running away, away from her fiancé, away from her father, away from her life, not that she'd miss it. She was starting over now. Starting a new life with Michael with Linc and LJ, in panama.

'You ready?' Michael asked, slipping an arm around her waist. Nodding, she let him steer her towards the door.

Once she was back in the car she took one last look at the setting sun. This was where her old life would end and her new life would begin. With that thought lingering in her head, she glanced over to michael. Catching him staring at her. With an encouraging smile she said,'Let's go.'

Michael hesitated, as if he was waiting for her to demand to be taken back home, that she changed her mind. She stared down the road determinedly, and he put the car in drive, down the long dusty road, to Panama.

Engaged Chapter 9 Die Trying

There was a flash of blond up ahead in the tunnel of darkness, her blond hair giving off an almost halo-like glow, glistening in the non-existing light. Every time he got closer, she seemed farther away from his reach. He turned the corner, then the next and the next, feeling like he was running in circles, maybe he was, never losing sight of the blond women in front of him. She disappeared from view, and his heart clenched tight. Where did she go?

Slowing down, he caught sight of a door, looming in front of him. It looked like one of those doors in scary movies; you know them, the ones that look black in the dark room, with bright light shinning behind it, almost daring you to find out what is behind it, waiting for you.

Hesitating, he reaches out for the doorknob, slowly turning it, breathing deeply before he pulls it open, and steps through. Bright blinding light flashes in his eyes, and he quickly shields his face with his arms, blinking rapidly. As if someone turned a switch, the light disappears and he’s left blinking tiny black dots away. His vision cleared, he sees the women with blonde hair standing in front of him, her back to him.


Slowly she turns around and he gasps. Her eyes are rolled up behind her head, she’s white as a ghost, except the small trickle of blood running down her face from the gunshot wound on her forehead.

‘L.J, run!’ She screams, before crumpling to the floor.

‘Mom!’ He screams, but then there’s a man in a suit, aiming a gun at him, and he can’t see his eyes behind his dark sunglasses. Kellerman. The man who killed his mom, and so many others.

Then everything goes still, like slow motion, and L.J is running towards him, anger, revenge and tears in his eyes. Kellerman pulls the trigger and L.J can literally see the bullet flying through the air towards him. His dad and Uncle Mike flash through his head, praying they got to safety, before the bullet pierces his side.

It’s black. Everything is black surrounding him, why can’t he see? He opens his eyes, but then everything is too bright, there’s too much light. There’s someone staring down at him. His dad. He’s saying something, why can’t he hear him, why won’t he talk louder?! And then everything comes back, as if he pressed play on a movie, sound came screaming back, picture was clear. The pain in his side exploded. He cries out in pain. He can hear his father saying, ‘It’s going to be okay,’ over and over again, almost like he was trying to convince himself. The pain was unbearable. Spreading through him, like a thousand knives stabbing him.

‘L.J, L.J stay with me, stay with me buddy, can you do that for me, just stay with me,’ He hears his dad say before he blacks out once again.
For the second time, he forces his eyes open and tires to sit up, but falls back on the bed in pain. Wait, bed? It was then he takes notice of his surroundings. They were in a small room, one bed, desk on the side, TV up front, window on the right with tacky curtains, shielding them from the hot sun. They were in a motel room.

‘How long-‘ He can’t finish his question as he starts choking and coughing, his throat was dry. His father quickly hands him a cup of water, while he rubs his chest soothingly. The cool liquid felt nice against his dry throat.

‘How long have I been out?’ He tries again, passing the sup back to him.

‘A day,’ He replies, ‘I didn’t know what to do, I tried to stop the bleeding the best I could, it just grazed your side, thank god for that. If it weren’t for your mumbling in your sleep, I would have thought you were dead. I called Jane as fast as I could,’ Lincoln explained, ‘She walked me through what to do and directed me to a safe spot to stop.

‘Jane is here? She’s here now? Where is she?’ L.J asks, looking around the room as if she might appear out of thin air.

‘Yeah, she’s here, got here a few hours ago. She went to get a few supplies,’ Linc answers him.

‘Here, you must be in a hell of a lot of pain, take these,’ His father hands over two tablets, offering the water again. He takes them gratefully, placing one on his tongue and chasing it down with the water, doing the same with the other. After he finishes swallowing, he tells his father that the pain isn’t as bad as he expected.

‘Well, Jane gave you a shot, but it’s probably wearing off now.’ Just then the door opens, and a women with blond hair walks in, carrying bags. He knows it’s just Jane, but he can’t help being reminded of his mother, and his dream.

‘Hey Jane,’ L.J says

‘Hey kid, how’re you doing?’ Jane replies,’ Did you give him the pills, Lincoln?’

‘Ya,’ Was his brief reply.

L.J knew from the first time he ever met Jane that there was something between his dad and her. His dad’s whole body language changed, and sometimes catches him just staring at her, almost observing her. He knows his dad is still trying to move on from Veronica, and is still in pain over losing her, but if there is something between them, He would be happy for him. He liked Jane, she was cool, and although she’s an ex-agent, she still knew some pretty handy moves, some dirty fighting skills.

‘Where are we exactly?’ L.J asks them, wondering how far they had gotten.

‘Not as far as I would have liked, but I have everything we need, so there’s no point in staying here. A few more hours rest and then we should be on our way,’ Jane replied.


Linc is sitting beside L.J, watching over him as he sleeps, hoping they can get through this, that he doesn’t have to go through this shit anymore, that he can start his life over, get a clean break, somewhere. All his life he just wanted to protect him, even if that meant from himself.

He tried giving Michael a good life, a good education, but look how that backfired. Landed him in the chair, and Michael in prison. They deserved so much more, and he kept dragging them down with him.

He sighed deeply before turning around, grabbing his cell. Pressing a button, he let the speed dial connect him to his brother. It went straight to voicemail. That’s weird, he thought, Mikey always answers his phone, especially when he would be the only one calling him, that he would call only for emergencies.

‘Hey Mike, It’s me, ummm…we kinda ran into a problem, so uh, call back as soon as you can.’ Snapping the phone shut, he resumes his spot beside his son, snaking his fingers through his dark hair, as he watches his chest rise and fall softly. He looked so peaceful sleeping. Right then he made a promise to himself that he was going to get his happy ending for his family, and he’ll damn well die trying.

Engaged Chapter 8 Road to Freedom

Lincoln was walking home from town, having picked up a bag of groceries, when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stick up. He had the sudden feeeling of being watched. Without giving the impression of knowing he was being followed, he walked a couple of steps to a nearby bar and slipped in. Heading quickly to the back, he slid into a booth, hiding himself in the shadows. Never taking his eyes off the door, he waited, watching everyone that passed by.

He knew he was just being paranoid, no one here knew him, no one gave him a seconds glance. It was the reason they were still there, why Michael agreed to stay. But months on the run taught him to always be on guard, trust no one, and always g with your gut. And right now his gut was telling him something was wrong.

After making sure the coast was clear, he slipped back out, weaving in and out of the crowd on the streets, his eyes darting about, looking for any sign of trouble. Ten minutes later, he unlocked the front dorr of their house, more of a shack, he mused, and quickly stepped in, ooking the door behind him.

'L.J!' He heard a muffled reply, and followed it outside.

'Hey dad, did you get my bananas?' L.J asked, and innnocent smile on his face. One look at his father's face and fear prickled down his spine.

'What's wrong? What happened? Did they find us?' He quickly fired off questions.

'Slow down L.J, i'm sure it was nothing... just a feeling,' He admitted, though it didn't stop him from lowering his voice.

'What do you mean? What happened?' L.J asked again.

'Well it felt someone was watching me,' Linc explained, paranoia once again filling his senses.

'We should call Uncle mike, he'll know what to do,' L.J offered.


Lincoln punched in the number to reach Michael, pacing as he waited for Michael to pick up. 'C'mon Michael, pick up, pick up, man-'

'Linc? Linc, you'll never guess what hap-'

'Michael, we have a problem,' Linc cut in.

'What? What happened?' his voice that was just filled with happiness seconds ago, was now laced with worry and fear. As Lincoln explained once again what happend in town, he got more and more anxious. Thinking the worst, he quickly made his way to his son's bedroom, to find him sleeping peacefully in his bed, Instead of moving back into his own room, he leaned against the door frame, comforted by the fact that L.J was safe and tucked safetly into bed.

'What should we do, Mike?' He asked, 'Should we go to the safe house, just in case?'

'No, no we go to Panama, just like we discussed before i left. Pack only one bag each and then leave, just as we planned,' Michael answered.

'Linc you should leave tomorrow, pack tonight, don't give them time to make a move,' Michael added.

'Yeah, okay, L.J's sleeping right now but, i'll get everything ready tonight, for tomorrow,' Linc said, ' So i'm guessing you got your girl?' He added, a smile on his face, as he turned facing the window, the ocean lit up by the moon.

'Yeah, Yeah i got her, and we're coming home.'

After hanging up with his brother, Lincoln turned around and jumped back. L.J was staring up at him, his eyes still droopy from sleep as he leaned against the door frame.

'Are we leaving?'


'So, are we clear on the plan? Don't look around, act normal, like nothing's wrong. If someone seems like they don't belong, you call me right away, and run-'

'Yeah, Yeah, i know Dad, we went over this a million times, i know the plan inside and out,' L.J cut in impatiently.

'I just want you safe L.J. Now get your stuff,' He said, standing up. When they had everything they needed they took one more glance at what they had called home for the past few months.

'You ready for this , kid?' Linc said, affectionately running his hands through L.J's hair.

'Yeah, let's do this.'


'Look straight, look straight, don't look around, keep your hands still, act normal.....

L.J passed by the vendor, who always gave him free bananas, because he knew how much he loved them. 'Hola Senor,' He said cheerfully, giving him a small wave. That's right, nothing is wrong here, just out for a stroll through town, he thought.

Look straight, look straight, don't look around, keep your hands still, act normal......

L.J recited the same lines over and over again in his head, as if it helped him keep calm, which it did in a way, he thought. On the outside he looked like he didn't have a care in the world, but on the inside he was ready to break, his hands were sweating, but he ignored it, concentrating on being calm.

He realized that he was staring at the ground and looked up quickly. He gasped, stopping in his tracks. Two men were walking straight towards him. Crap, he swore under he breath. He needed to get out of there, and fast! He couldn't move, he was paralyzed. He tried to breath, where should he go, which way, they were coming closer!

Shaking his head he forced his legs to move. He knew this town like the back of his hand, had spent so much time here. Turning around he ran back the way he came, taking a sharp right. He could hear them behind them, their feet pounding the grouund as they closed the distance between them. C'mon L.J think.

As if a light bulb flashed though his head, he sped up. turning another right, he ran down a small alleyway, praying that the door at the end would be unlocked. Yes!!!! Luck was on his side today. swinging the door open he sprang through the room and slammed the door closed behind him, slipping on the lock. He jumped back when he heard them pounding on the door. The door look quite old, they were bound to break through it. Turning around he saw he was in a back room of a store, boxes of supplies and merchandise piled everywhere. He realized the back rooms connected to the stores attached. He walked quickly down the rooms, ducking behind racks of clothes when someone appeared.

Finally he made it to the end of the stores. Making his way to the front room he checked to see if the coast was clear. The room was filled with adults, teenagers, children. No one would notice him if he slipped out. He casully walked to the front entrance and peeked out. He didn't see the two men anywhere. Taking that as a good sign he stepped out in the heat, running towards his destination, to his father, who was waiting for him at the small pier.

Five minutes later of running, he stopped at the corner, wiping the sweat off his forehead. his was sweating like crazy, mixed with dust and dirt. But there was his father, pacing back and forth. He started further, running towards him.


Lincoln got to the pier without any trouble and looked around for L.J. C'mon L.J, where are you? He started pacing back and forth looking at his watch every so often. Every worse case scenerio running through his head. What if they got him? What if he was was tied up in the back of a car? Lying in a ditch with a bullet hole in his head? Where was that kid?? He told him to call him if there was a problem, why was he taking so long? Why-

'L.J!' He yelled when he caught sight of him running towards him.

'Dad!' Not even slowing down, he crashed into him, sending them almost into the water.

'God L.J,' He said, wrapping his arms around him in a crushing embrace, 'You gave me a heart attack!'

'Sorry,' Was his muffled reply.

'C'mon let's go.'

They walked over to a samll but beautiful boat. It was a gleaming white, with gold railings, shining in the sun, the name Chistina Rose written neatly on the side.

'So, we're meeting Uncle ike down in Panama, with Dr. Tancredi?' L.J asked his father, climbing onto the boat. They loaded the bags onto the boat, untied the ropes, and set sail, pulling slowly awat from shore before he answered his son.

'Yeah, it will take a few days, but your Uncle Mike planned for everything, so there's a nice safe house awaiting us on a secluded white sand beach,' Linc said, picturing himself in a hammock, drinking an ice cold beer.

Suddenly a loud bang cracked behind them. Linc whirled around. Two men wwere ashore, one with a gun still aiming at them. Thinking fast Linc shifted the sails, picking up speed fast, taking them farther away from them, from danger. He turned to ask L.J if he was okay, it was then he noticed him kneeling on the ground.

'L.J?' No answer.

Letting go of the steering wheel, he went over to his son's side, 'L.J?!'

L.J could feel the pain, oh god the pain was unbearable, spreading through his side. He felt dizzy, light headed, and sick to his stomach. Distantly he heard someone talking. They were so far away, he couldn't hear what they were saying. Openiing his eyes, he saw a blurry image of someone kneeling in front of him.

'Dad? Dad it hurts so much,' L.J moaned as he clutched his stomach.

His hands were wet with something warm and thick, and as he raised thm up to his face, he thought of his mom, and how much the smell of his blood reminded him of that terrible day, before everything went black.

Engaged Chapter 7 Sneaking Around

Sara opened her eyes wincing at the brightness of the sun. She had forgotten to close the curtains when she went to bed last night. Turning she found Landon's side of the bed bear, except for a sheet of paper laying neatly folded on the pillow. Frowning she grabbed the note and impatiently opened it.


i was called in for more business stuff, didn't a=have the heart to wake you. See you at dinner at 8?


Frustrated, she threw the paper away. She didn't know why she was so upset, she'd be able to go see Michael without a problem now. Shouldn't he want to spend time with her he's always so busy, she thought. She didn't want to think about it anymore, she had to get ready. Glancing at the clock, she realized she slept really late, it was already 1:25, she had to meet Michael at 3. Jumping out of bed, she ran into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

**1h 25 min later**

Sara stepped out of the cab. She was early but she didn't care, she had the key anyways. Taking the elevator to the 5th floor, she stepped out and walked to their room. Glancing around first, she swiped the card and pushed the door open. She smelled the scent of the candles as soon as she walked in. Stepping further in, she saw them on every surface possible. She let out a gasp. There were rose pedals spread around the floor, it was beautiful. It was perfect.

Sara closed her eyes when she felt his arms encircle her waist, breathing in his scent. Turning around she kissed him. Hard. Pushing her up against the wall, his hands working on the buttons of her shirt.

'You came,' Michael said in between kisses.

'Yeah, well..i had nothing better to do,' Sara mumbled against his lips, pulling his shirt off. With her shirt off, he was already pulling down her jean skirt. She let her hands slide down his chest, before unbuckling his jeans.

Sara was starting to feel dizzy, before she realized she hadn't taken a breath since she started kissing him. Pulling away, she gulped in some much needed air, letting her body fully lean against the wall. Michael's hands were busy unclipping her bra, his mouth attacking the skin on her neck.

She felt her hands push down his boxers. With her bra tossed to the floor, Michael pushed down her silk panties, picking her up in his arms. Sara gasped at the feel of him hard and pocking at her aching core.

She didn't remember when they got to the bedroom, but then he was lying on top of her, his body pressing intimately into her, kissing her tenderly. Pulling apart, he looked down into her eyes, god, she didn't think she could ever get used to he intensity of his eyes. In one quick movement he was inside of her, both moaning at the contact. Moving slowly at fist, she urged him to go faster, harder. He was sucking on her neck, his hands on her breasts, thrusting deeper and faster, and it felt so good. Rolling over, she straddled him, rocking against him. She slowed it down, not wanting it to end so soon. rolling her hips against his, she leant down, kissing her way up his chest to his mouth. His tongue plunging into her mouth rubbing rythmetically against her own.

Her moans soon turned to screams, Michael groaning her name, his hand gripping her hip tightly. Sara collapsed onto him, exhausted, but she didn't want to sleep. Climbing off of him, she curled against him, pressing her face into his neck, his arms pulling her closer.

As there breathing slowed down, she relaxed into his arms. Why was she still thinking about what she would do with Landon. She knew her answer, she knew how much she cared for Michael. She always had.

'I just have to tell him,' Sara told herself.

'Michael?' She whispered

'Yeah?' He whispered back.

'I love you,' Pushing herself up on her elbow, Sara looked down at him. He was smiling, which made her smile back at him. She realized that was the first time she said that to him.

'I love you too,' He said, pulling her head down for a kiss. Pulling apart, she looked at his chest her fingers tracing his tattoos. They were so beautiful, so different. She knew they contained the blueprints of Fox River. She realized just how smart Michael was, She remembered back in the infirmary, the day she knew she had fallen for him. He had made her a flower, but not just an ordinary flower. A flower that would never die. she knew then that she was in trouble. He was so charming and flirtacious. She was never able to get him out of her thoughts.

She knew now that she would never be able to have a life without him. She needed him. He made her feel safe, loved, beautiful. She loved him.

'I'll go with you,' She blurted out. Startled he looked up from her hands to her face, wondering, if she was joking.


'I'll go with you,' She said again,' to Panama.'

'You will? Your coming, no joke?' Without waiting for an answer he rolled on top of her, laughing. Unable to contain his excitment, he hugged her tightly kissing her over and over again on her lips, telling her how happy he was in between kisses. She laughed along with him, surprised at how excited and happy she was. She couldn't wait to see Lincoln and though she already met LJ, when she went to talk to Veronica and Nick, she never really got the chance to talk to him.

All she had to do was tell Landon.

Engaged Chapter 6 Forbidden Love

Sara POV

The next morning Sara woke up in Michael's arms. The previous nights' events all came flooding back. she had slept with Michael. She was an engaged woman. She was someone's fiancée. She was getting married. To someone else. She looked up into Michael's face, wondering how she would ever tell Landon.

But i don't want to tell him, she realized with a start. It felt so right to be with Michael. Looking back up to his face she found him awake and staring at her.

'Hey' he said softly.

'Hi' All she could do was stare at his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes. She found herself wishing she could always wake up to his beautiful eyes, always wake up wrapped protectively in his arms.

She opened her mouth to say something even though she had no clue as to what to say, but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. Her mouth clamped shut. She knew who it was. Probably wondering where the heck she was. 'Hello, Landon? Yeah, no I'm okay, where am i? Oh, well I'm safe and sound, curled up into Michael's arms. Who by the way i slept with.'

Yeah, that's not going to be pretty.

'I have to get this,' She whispered to him, as if Landon could hear them. He nodded wordlessly, disappointment flooding his eyes. I know Michael, i wish it wasn't like this either, she told him silently.

Getting up she walked quickly out of the small bedroom, into the living room/kitchen area naked, very conscious of him watching her every move, his eyes taking in her bare body. Once out of site, she walked slower towards her cell, still in her jeans pocket on the floor. Plucking a blanket off the couch, she wrapping it around her body tightly, dreading this conversation. Picking up the phone, she answered it quickly before he hung up.


'Sara? Sara, god, i thought something happened, where are you?' Landon said

'I'm okay, i just.. took a walk and... umm,' think Sara, think!, 'Got lost,' Yeah, like he'll believe that, she thought.

'Oh, okay, well anyways, your father and i have to attend a meeting, we'll be out for most of the day, so you should enjoy it before we leave, go shopping, or something. I'll call you later, love you, bye.'

She sat down on the couch, staring at her phone. well that was easy, she thought angrily. He wasn't worried, scared that something really awful happened, didn't question where she was at the moment. All he cared about was his stupid meeting. And her father. From the moment she introduced Landon to her father, he sucked up to him so bad she was embarrassed.

Well, then i will enjoy my time here, she thought, getting up and walking back to Michael. When she got back into the room, she avoided Michael's eyes and climbed back into bed. This is going to be awkward.

Michael POV

Sara came back into the room avoiding his eyes and climbed back into bed. 'Who was that?' He questioned her, already knowing the answer.

'Umm, it was Landon,'He watched her look down at her hands. Nodding slowly, he looked away from her. He loved her and wanted her for himself, he didn't want to share her with anyone, he thought, starting to feel possessive.

Giggling softly, Sara turned towards him and smiled brightly. He gave her a confused look, wondering what could possibly be so damn funny.

'I'm gonna make pancakes.'

'I haven't made them since i was in college!' She explained. Leaning over she kissed hid lips before jumping out of bed, grabbing the blanket off the floor as she bolted out of the room. God, he loved her, his smile matching Sara's.


It was the next morning, and Michael was feeling happy, excited, heck, he was so happy he felt like skipping down the street. Before Sara had left his hotel room, they made plans to see each other for lunch. She only had two more days in Vegas and he didn't' want to waste any time, convincing her to go home with him. He stopped suddenly, almost causing a traffic jam in the middle of the side walk. He Started walking again so no one would yell at him to get out of the way.

Landon. He almost forgot about him. This was going to make things a little more difficult. Sara was still engaged, was she going to leave him, and if so, when? Shaking his head slightly, he pushed those thoughts out of his head. He was on his way to have lunch with Sara. He was going to spend the day whole with Sara.

Finally reaching his destination, he opened the door to the cafe. Walking in he scanned the area , spotting her at the back. Smiling to himself, he walked towards her.

'Hi' she said when she saw him.

'Hey,' He said before leaning down and kissing her softly on her lips, 'How are you?' He asked, sitting down in the booth across from her.

'I'm alright, you?' She answered.

'I'm good now.'

They ordered their coffee and each ordered little chocolate danishes. They were soon engrossed in a conversation. Sara was curious about Lincoln and LJ, where they lived, how they were doing. He described their home, which was situated on the beach, white sands, hammock on back deck.

'We're only a few minutes from town, so no one bothers us much, and Linc and LJ seem really happy to be together,' He paused, a smile on his face, 'I haven't seen them together, happy, in a long time, when LJ was just a little boy.'

Grabbing her hands, he looked deeply into her eyes, 'You would like it there, a lot, especially the town, it's very colorful,' He said, trying to sound like an invitation.

'It's sounds really nice Michael, but i just need a little more time to think,' She said, her eyes looking down. Holding back a sigh, he gave her a smile and squeezed her hand, 'I know it's okay.. How about.. How about we take a walk around the city?' He asked, changing the subject.

Giving him a grateful smile, she nodded.


Sara POV

As Sara unlocked the door to her and Landon's hotel suite, she thought about what Michael had said, back at the diner. Could she really leave, runaway to Panama with Michael? She wanted to, she really did. Sighing she walked in, locking the door behind her.

'Landon?' She called. When no one answered she sighed in relief. Shoving her cold hands in her pocket she found a piece of plastic, pulling it out she stared at the room key card Michael had given her, telling her to go there tomorrow at 3 and to make sure she isn't being followed.

Sara could feel her pulse speed up at the thought of what she was doing. Affair. She never thought she would be that women. But when it came to Michael she didn't know what she would do, she thought.

Shoving the key card into her purse, Sara turned around and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a bag of chips and plunked herself in front of the t.v. waiting for Landon to come home. Her mind mentally going through her wardrobe, picking out her outfit she would want Michael to rip off her.

Engaged chapter 5 Into my Arms NC-17

Sara sat in her car and drove. She just drove for hours around the city, thinking. Finally, when her eyes started to get tired and achy, she pulled over. Getting out of her quiet car, she was assaulted with cool air, bright lights, noisy people and music.

She walked down the street, realizing she had driven pretty close to Michael’s hotel that was only a block away.

She thought about Landon, did he really love him or was she just fooling herself. She thought about her father, does he really want to see her happy, or does he just want to control her life. And then she thought of Michael. Oh Michael, she thought, do you really love me, or do you just want something from me again?

Her mind and heart were having a big war, a painful war. Her mind told her she was foolish to give him a lingering thought. He was a wanted fugitive, on the run with his family. Her heart told her it would be worth it to be on the run with him, if they did love each other, shouldn’t they be together?

Her mind kept replaying the scene back at the casino before.

*****A Few Hours Ago*****

‘Sara…’ Taking a deep breath he tried again, ‘I know I shouldn’t be here, it’s not right to you, but Sara, I think about you everyday, I need you, so much more than I thought,’ He paused, trying to read her face.

She knew her face showed shock, but from the look on his face she could only guess she was showing more, maybe… hope?

‘Michael, you’re too late, I’m engaged,’ She held up her hand, showing her huge diamond ring, ‘I have someone who loves me, who would do anything for me, I’m sorry Michael, I’ve.. I’m sorry,’ She said, quickly turning around to the door.

‘Sara, just tell me this, do you love him back?’

Sara looked him in the eye, opening her mouth, ready to tell him her answer, but found she could not. She couldn’t look her in the eye and lie to him. She shifted her gaze to the right of him and tried answering him with a confident tone.

‘Of course I do, he’s my fiancé, Michael’ she thought she did an excellent job and mentally patted herself on the back.

‘I don’t believe you, I want you to say it to my face,’ Michael interrupted her thoughts.

‘Michael, don’t-‘ She started.

‘Sara, I know you better than you think, I know when you lie. You fidget with you hands, and you won’t look me in the eye,’ He stated calmly, his eyes never leaving her face. Before she could protest, he stepped towards her.

‘Please don’t lie to me, I know I hurt you and I know I lied to you, but I love you more than you’ll ever know, and I think you love me too,’ He said, ‘Before you say anything…I…I’m staying here, room 518, 3rd floor. Come see me at 10 tomorrow morning and give me your answer then. Think hard, think deep, forget everything and everyone else,’ whispering the last few words, ‘don’t try to hurt me by hurting yourself.’

Hesitating a moment he kissed her tenderly on her slightly trembling lips. Pulling apart, he gave her one last gaze before exiting the room, leaving her alone in the dark.

*****End of Flashback*****

She knew deep in her heart she loved him, she really did. But was she ready to admit that yet? And if she did, what would she do about Landon? Her father would be furious!

Shaking her head, she looked around, realizing she had walked towards Michael’s hotel. Taking a deep breath, she walked towards the door before she could change her mind. She realized it was way earlier than the time he told her to meet him, but she knew she had to go now before she changed her mind.

The time it took her to find his room passed by quickly, leaving her standing before hid door. She lifted her hand to knock, but hesitated. Turning around she walked towards the elevator, but stopped, changing her mind, and turned again and walked back to his door.

‘Oh, God, this is ridiculous, just knock Sara!’ She said under her breath.

Before she could stop herself she knocked firmly against the smooth wood. If he doesn’t come right away, I’m leaving, she told herself.

Before she could go through with that, the door opened, revealing a very surprised but happy blue eyed, bare chested Michael Scofield. They stood there, taking each other in. He was in grey sweatpants, no socks, no shirt, leaving her in full view of his tattoos.

‘I uh, I wasn’t going to come…’ She chocked out. She felt like smacking herself on the forehead. What a stupid thing to say!

‘But then I changed my mind,’ She finished. Oh my god, kill me now! She silently screamed at herself, imagining throwing herself off a cliff. He smiled at her with that, oh, that sexy smile at her, the one that seems like is just reserved for her.

‘Come in’ He said, stepping aside for her to enter. He led her to the couches and told her to take a seat while he put on a shirt. When he left the room, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Today was the day that she would tell Michael Scofield that she –

Michael walked back into the room, with a white t-shirt on, which did nothing to conceal his full T of tats, and sat down across from her.

‘So where do we start Michael?’ She asked cutting into the awkward silence.

Michael looked down, took a deep breath, and looked back up to her, ’Sara, I know it’s not right what I’m asking of you, but I love you, and I won’t lose you to a guy that’s everything you hate,’ He said softly. Sara looked down, it was true, a year ago she wouldn’t have even given Landon a passing glance.

‘Give me a chance, give us a chance,’ he continued.

‘Michael, I thought about it a lot tonight, I care a lot about Landon, he really loves me,’ she said, watching his face fall, ‘But,’ his face lit up with hope, ‘You’re right, I would never have been with someone like him before.’ She took a deep breath, gathering up every ounce of courage in her to say the next few words.

Before she could say anything, he crossed the distance between them and sat closely beside her.

‘Do you remember when we talked about Baja, 25 cent beers, happy hour? We could be together Sara, we could be happy together,’ He looked at her, his eyes going down to her lips.


Michael pressed his lips against hers, thrusting her tongue in her mouth. Without knowing, she slipped her arms around his neck pulling her closer to her, his arms snaking around her waist. Her tongue massaged against his.

Suddenly she pulled away, breathing heavily. She looked at Michael, breathing heavily. She looked at Michael his breathing matching her own, his eyes heavy with lust.

‘Michael, we can’t do this,’ Even though she said this, she left her arms still around his neck, she felt a bit light headed.

‘I know,’ he whispered.

‘I should go,’ she said softly.


Without knowing what they were doing, their lips crashed together, tongues rubbing together. His hands slid up her hips and up into her hair, pulling her closer to him, his tongue deep in her mouth. This is wrong, Sara heard somewhere far away in her head. You’re engaged, it whispered like an annoying fly buzzing around you. Pushing all thoughts away, she reached down and pulled the shirt he had just put on, up and over his head. She let her hands roam his chest as she sucked greedily on his lips.

She pushed him backwards onto the couch, falling on top of him. She shivered at the feel of him hard against her tummy.

Michael reached behind her, pushing down the zipper of her dress, and peeled it away from her revealing her bare chest. She sat up, letting him take her in, loving the way he was looking at her. Sara moaned softly as his hands roamed up her long legs and over her thighs, stopping at her hips. He looked into her eyes as his fingers plunged into the waistband of her panties. Leaning down, she captured his lips, his mouth hot on hers.

Her hands slowly made their way to his hips, pulling down both his sweatpants and boxers impatiently, wanting to feel him throbbing inside of her.

‘Michael,’ she panted.

Getting the hint, he sat up, pulling her against him, kissing her softly, before picking her up, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist, gasping slightly at the feel of her hot and ready on his tummy.
Entering the bedroom, he set her down on her feet, roughly pulling down her panties.

‘C’mere’ he said, cupping her ass in his hands, pulling her closer to him, before letting his hands higher, cupping her aching breasts.

‘God, Michael,’ Sara gasped at the contact, ‘Michael, now, I need you now!’ she begged.

Laying down on the bed he pushed into her with a gasp, stilling for a moment, letting her get used to his size, before lifting her thigh high over his hip. He pushed deeper into her, quieting her moans and gasps by pressing his lips against hers, mimicking his movements with his tongue deep in her mouth.

He started rocking against her, thrusting faster, deeper, making her cry out in pleasure.

‘Michael, harder!’ She cried out

He quickened the past, pushing harder into her, his hips banging almost painfully into hers. She was sure it would leave a mark the next morning.

Too soon, she could feel herself coming, her orgasm ripping through her, shuddering in his arms. Michael followed soon after, giving all of himself to her. Spent, he rolled off of her, lying beside her, both breathing heavily.

‘Wow,’ was all they could say.

Engaged Chapter 4 Love me
 Sara had been aimlessly walking around the casino for hours, bored out of her mind. To pass the time, she mentally made a list of reasons why she didn’t want to be there.

1. She couldn’t even drink the alcohol being served
2. She hated gambling
3. She didn’t know half the people there- no wait, she didn’t know anyone there. Everyone was a friend of her fathers and/or of Landons’, or they worked for them. Anyways, back to my list, she reminded herself, as she passed some guy cheering when he won some money.

4. Her heels were killing her! Hmmmm, why else doesn’t she want to be here?-


Turning around, she saw an older couple walking towards her.

‘Uh, hi,’ Sara answered, totally blanking out on their names.

‘We’re dear old friends of Landon. Will you look at that pretty face, Jake, see I told you Landon would do well,’ The woman said. Plastering a smile on her face she managed to thank the woman for the compliment.

‘Ah, I see you’ve met Jake and Melinda,’ A voice behind her said.

‘Hey,’ Sara said, kissing Landon on cheek, ‘They were just telling me they were friends of yours.’

‘Yes, well friends of my parents actually, they’re more like my aunt and uncle,’ He explained. As Landon and his aunt and uncle talked, Sara looked around the room. A room full of rich, greedy politicians. Sighing, she wondered why she bothered to come. She should have made an excuse, pretend she was sick. Hmmmmm…. Maybe that will still work. Sara looked back at the group, realizing she had tuned out the entire conversation.

‘Look Jake! That machine is unoccupied, let’s go!’ Melinda excitingly pulled at her husband’s arm.

‘Alright, alright, you kids have fun,’ Jake said, giving into Melinda’s pulling.

‘Well it was very nice meeting you,’ Sara called out to them.

‘So, what do you want to play first?’ Landon asked her.

‘Actually I don’t feel-,’ Sara was stopped mid-sentence, putting her excuse to test, when someone bumped into her from behind, splashing their cocktail all over her new dress.

‘Oh no!’ Landon said. He pulled out handkerchief and started dabbing at her dress.

‘I’m so sorry, I lost my balance and-,’ The man explained.

‘Try to be more careful!’ Landon hissed, interrupting the man.

‘It’s okay, I didn’t like this dress anyways,’ Sara said, ‘I’ll just go to the bathroom and clean this up.’

‘Are you sure you don’t want to change?’

‘I’m wearing a black dress, you won’t see the stain, don’t worry about it,’ She assured him.

‘Well I’ll give you the key to our room just in case you change your mind,’ Landon said, digging in his pockets for the key. Sara took the key, flashed him a smile and started walking for the exit.

‘And try to hurry!’ Landon called out to her.

Sara pushed open the door, glad to be out of the loud, claustrophobic room. Turing right, she walked down the surprisingly long, empty hallway. She was about midway down the hallway, when she sensed someone behind her, she was about to turn around when she felt a hand slap over her mouth, stifling her scream. An arm circled around her waist, pulling her into an empty, dark room. Closing her eyes, she took in a gulp of air, before screaming behind the hand still over her mouth.

‘Shhhh, it’s okay… it’s me’ The am whispered in her ear. She was about to struggle again when she realized she recognized that voice. Michael, she thought. When she stopped struggling, he slowly let go of her. The room was dark, moonlight streaming through the windows, making shadows more than anything else. They were in some kind of lounge area. She slowly started to turn around to face him. When she fully turned around, she dropped her eyes to the floor, almost as if she was afraid to look at him, afraid that if she looked at him, he would disappear. Taking a deep breath, she slowly raised her eyes to his. They were shining in the moonlight.

The first thing that came to mind was there one night. It brought alight tinge of pink to her cheeks. Stop it, you’re engaged, you have no right to think of that, she scolded herself. Finally, what felt like hours, Michael spoke.

‘Sara…’ Taking a deep breath he tried again, ‘I know I shouldn’t be here, it’s not right to you, but Sara, I think about you everyday, I need you, so much more than I thought,’ He paused, trying to read her face.

She knew her face showed shock, but from the look on his face she could only guess she was showing more, maybe… hope?

‘Michael, you’re too late, I’m engaged,’ She held up her hand, showing her huge diamond ring, ‘I have someone who loves me, who would do anything for me, I’m sorry Michael, I’ve.. I’m sorry,’ She said, quickly turning around to the door.

‘Sara, just tell me this, do you love him back?’

Engaged chapter 3

Michael walked into his room, dropping his bags onto the floor and sat on a stool. It had a tiny kitchen off to the right, a bathroom to the left. Straight ahead, around a tiny corner was the entrance to the bedroom. Just 24 more hours, he thought, before he would see Sara. Closing his eyes he remembered the last time he saw her, 1 year ago...


It was freezing cold outside, as Michael waited outside of Sara’s apartment building. He had been waiting there for 3 hours for her to come home from work. After learning about Sara’s overdose, he hid his brother in a safe place, and went to the hospital, hoping to find out that she was okay. He knew it was risky, but he also knew that hospitals were busy and chances were, he wouldn’t be noticed. Making sure he was well hidden with clothes, he had walked into the hospital, right up to the front desk.

“Yes, can I help you?” One of the nurses asked him.

“I’m here to see Sara Tancredi,” Michael said, holding his breath.

“I’m sorry, Sara Tancredi’s only allowed to have immediate family visit her at the moment,” She said an apologetic smile on her face.

“Alright thanks,” He said

Now what? He thought, how am I supposed to know what room she’s in? Michael sat down in one of the chairs lined up in front of the front desk. Letting out a breath he debated whether he should just check all the private rooms or if she was in a far worse condition, he thought, check the ICU.

“Hey!!” He heard the nurse greet someone, “Where have you been, I was looking for you.”

“I was on the fourth floor,” The other nurse replied. “Actually,” the nurse lowered her voice a bit,” I was just checking on Sara Tancredi.”

Michael’s head shot up as he heard Sara’s name. Fourth floor. That’s where he had to go. After checking several rooms he found himself in front of her room. He checked to make sure no one was coming and slipped inside, closing the door behind him. When he turned around he gasped. Sara looked so pale that she looked like a ghost. When he walked closer to her, he noted how small she looked in the big bed, wires attached in her arm.

She was breathing on her own. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He did this to her, he put her here. Michael turned away, facing the window; he couldn’t bring himself to look at her, knowing this was his fault. He pressed his forehead against the window, this couldn’t be happening. Hearing a sigh, he turned around. She was awake. She looked around the room looking disappointed that she was still here. Her eyes landed on him, widening as she stared.

“Sara…” Michael whispered. He opened his mouth to say more, but she cut him off.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was hoarse and dry, she started coughing. Michael quickly poured her some water that was on the bedside table and gave it to her. She greedily swallowed it, the doctor in her telling her to drink slowly.

“Sara I heard what happened; I needed to come see you.” He continued.

“Are you trying to get caught?” She demanded. Michael stared at her for a minute. She sounded so angry. He expected it, but it still hurt.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I need you to understand… I never meant to involve you in this, this was about Lincoln.” Michael said, his eyes burning into hers, “Lincoln’s innocent…I couldn’t let them kill him.” He continued.

“Look, do you want me to say I understand? Fine I understand, you wanted to save Lincoln, I get it,” Sara exclaimed. Sara sighed, letting her head fall back onto her pillow with a thump.

“Please, just go, just leave me alone,” She whispered, her eyes shut tightly.

Michael sighed. He came and did what he came here to do. He desperately wanted to say something more but nothing came to mind. He turned to go out the door, but stopped. Looking back at Sara, her eyes still closed, he silently trotted over to her side. “I’m sorry.” Michael whispered to her, making her jump slightly. Leaning over her, he pressed his lips against her soft cheek. He pulled away and was out the door before she could slap him away.

****end flashback**

Shaking his head at the memory, he remembered what happened 3 weeks after that, he was again, waiting to see her.


He knew she would ask him, no maybe more like scream at him to leave, threaten to call the cops on him. Michael let out a shaky breath. He didn’t know why he even came back, she told him to leave her alone. No, He didn’t want to back down so easily.

Just then a car pulled up, and three giggling girls tumbled out. One of them, the gorgeous redhead he had been waiting for, for three hours. He watched as the obviously drunk girls supported each other as they ‘walked’ to the door of Sara’s apartment building, if you could say walked, as it looked more like they just hopped off a tilt-a-whirl. Michael waited 10 minutes, before he walked into the building. He stopped in front of the elevator. The doors opened revealing the two drunken girls Sara came home with. As he walked into the elevator, blondie winked at him, the brunette smiled flirtatiously, “Hey good lookin,” She said, walking away without waiting for an answer. He shook his head, smiling slightly as he pressed floor 4. When he got out of the elevator, he walked to door 29. He was nervous. It didn’t help that she was drunk, when she sees him she’ll probably want to yell at him, maybe be a little violent. Crouching down, he quickly picked her lock, and stepped inside. It was dark, but as he walked further in he saw some light peeking out from under a closed door and a door, slightly ajar.

He let out a breath before he continued to the door, turning the knob slowly; he pushed opened the door and stepped inside. Her bedside lamp was on, lightly illuminating the room. It was royal purple, a desk and computer in the left corner, a big four poster bed against the wall.

Liar, he mused, as he remembered the day Sara said she was a packrat, her room looked so clean, that it looked as if she had a live in maid.

He could hear her in the bathroom, back in the hallway; he went by the window, waiting for her to come. Five minutes later, he heard the bathroom door open. He wiped his hands nervously on his pants. She was coming. When her bedroom door opened, he didn’t know if he would freeze in fear or at the beautiful sight that was standing there.

“Sara…” He whispered, not being able to bring his volume up a notch.

Sara hadn’t seen him as she was looking down, smoothing down her dark green tank top. Startled by his voice, she flattened herself against the wall, her hand over her heart as she let out a scream.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Michael said lamely.

“Michael?” Sara asked, sounding half happy it was him, but the expression on her face showed that she was frustrated and a little bit scared that it was him. “Michael what are you doing here, you should be half way around the country by now!” She said her voice a little shaky. “And how did you get in, did you break in?” She continued.

“Sara, I needed to explain to you how sorry I am, and I couldn’t leave without seeing you one last time, oh and yeah, I did break in, sorry.” He answered her. He stared at her hard, desperately trying to read her, what she was thinking. He could tell she was getting uncomfortable under his gaze, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

“Look, go now and I won’t call the cops,” Sara said trying to scare him into leaving, but deep down, she knew she never do that, and apparently he knew too, as he didn’t flinch or show any signs that he would leave. Michael started walking towards her slowly.

“Michael…” Sara warned. She noticed she wasn’t against the wall anymore. I probably walked a few steps forward when I was firing questions at him, she thought. As Michael continued towards her, she started moving backwards, towards the wall again. He doesn’t seem to get a hint, she thought, as she hit the wall. Michael stopped about half an arms length from her. Goosebumps were spreading rapidly over her body, surprising her, she wasn’t even cold. Michael took notice of this smirking to himself. Both their breathing quickened, as he took another step closer. He was looking at her lips, as she was finding herself doing the same to his.

How is this happening, I’m supposed to be furious with him, she thought.

God, she’s beautiful, Michael thought.

He licked his lips in anticipation of pressing them against hers. He remembered the last time he passionately kissed her in the infirmary. He pressed his hands on either side of her against the wall, trapping her. She looked up into his eyes, finding desire in them. Their faces were inches apart now.

“God Sara, I want you so much” He whispered against her lips. Sara found her eyes closing slowly as his lips touched hers. It started slow, soft, but Michael pressed harder and faster with every kiss. Sara found herself kissing him back. Her body was on fire as she felt his hands slide down her side and grip her waist possessively. Sara opened her mouth, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, running it around the sides of his mouth, his tongue rubbing against hers. Michael slipped his hands up her shirt, desperate to feel her soft warm skin against his hands. Sara let out a low moan, as his hands cupped her breasts. Sara let her hands slide down his chest and over his abs. She stopped at the hem of his shirt, hesitating a second before she pulled it off. Michael slipped his hands inside the waist line of her pajama pants, cupping her behind. He could feel her moan as his lips went to her neck. Too much clothes, she thought, reaching out and tugging on Michael’s belt, yanking hard. Everything was happening so fast, but Sara realized how much she wanted it to happen. Time seemed to stand still around them. This was meant to happen, Sara thought. She felt a little dizzy suddenly returning to intimacy fast, as she felt Michael pull down her pants.

When she pulled down his jeans, he picked her up in his arms, her legs wrapped tightly around his hips. They fell back against her bed. He sat up, Sara straddling him, their lips colliding. The room seemed to heat up, their bodies on fire. Michael swiftly removed her tank top, throwing it aside, rolling on top of her. Michael broke apart and stared down at her. “If you tell me to stop, I’ll stop.” He whispered. Stop? Why would she want him to stop, they were just getting started, she thought, as she pulled his face towards her for another searing kiss. Breaking apart once more, he took her face in his hands and kissed her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, his steely eyes never leaving hers. Sara couldn’t remember anyone ever kissing her eyes before. He kissed the hollow of her throat, then lower, until he came to her breasts. He let his tongue slide gently over her nipples. He slid his hands down to her hips, sliding her panties down her legs. He pulled down his boxers and looked at Sara. Her breast were rapidly rising and falling with every breath God he wanted her so much. Sara ran her hands down his hard back, his shoulders, and his hips. She could feel his erection pushing against his thigh. He was Aroused, very hard. Sara loved that he wanted her, she wanted him too. A fire rekindled inside of her, spreading quickly. Michael entered her and began to rock slowly, then much faster, much more, pulling her thighs higher over his hips. He thrust into her, his lips all over her, her hands exploring him. Their last thought was how right this felt, how good.


Michael got up from the stool, and went to the bedroom. He crawled into bed, his eyes barely able to stay open. He thought of how he left her, still sleeping soundly, her warm, naked body pressed firmly against his. He had to leave, get Lincoln out of the country, but that meant leaving Sara. He had laid an origami rose next to her, whispered his love, turning back when she whispered her love back in her sleep, breaking his heart as he left her apartment. His eyes closed as he thought of tomorrow, seeing Sara for the first time in a year.


The next morning, Michael woke up and rushed through the day, getting ready for the Governor’s party. He made an exact replica of the invitation, having seen it in the newspaper of the Governor personally delivering it to a close friend. After that was done, he went out to rent a tux. He had to look perfect, important, and rich, so no one would be suspicious. He rushed back to his hotel room, realizing the party started in 4 hours. His stomach grumbled, as he forgot to eat something all day. Shoving something into his mouth, he got ready, putting on his black tux. He sat down on the edge of the bed, letting his body slow down and relax.

What if he couldn’t get in? What if Sara decided not to show? What if-

It will work, everything is going to be fine, he told himself.

Michael turned around, leaving a quick message to Lincoln, turned on his alarm clock, and laid down on the bed. Just an hour or two, he thought, his eyes closing.


Michael was standing across the room of the doors of the casino. He wiped the palms of his hands against his pants. Pulling out the fake invitation, he watched as an old couple walk up to the doors, watching closely at how the doormen checked the invitation. He smirked, this is going to be a piece of cake, he scoffed. They barely glanced at the card, before nodding them in. Taking a deep breath he walked towards the doors.

“Your invitation, Sir?” One of the doormen said. Michael flipped his invitation in front of his face.

“Very well, Sir” He said, barely glancing at his card.

Michael walked into the casino, sighing with relief. That was easy, he thought.


Michael had been strolling around for a good half an hour, and still couldn’t find her. He was starting to worry that she didn’t come.

“Hi.” A pretty blond said hopefully, as she walked by him.

This was the 5th girl who tried getting his attention. But he had his mind set on only one girl and that was Sara. Smiling politely, he walked away, not seeing the look of disappointment on her face. “Maybe I should just give up,” Michael whispered under his breath. Before he could even turn around, he saw a flash of read in the corner of his eye.


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